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A Continuous Flow of Tech Buying Insights

By Hank Barnes | May 17, 2022 | 1 Comment

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Since the beginning of they year I’v  been sharing tidbits about our buying study where the results came back to us in late December/January.    There has also been a number of research notes for clients and, as you should all know by now if you follow my blog, it will be the major fact base behind my keynote at our virtual event in July–the Gartner Tech Growth and Innovation conference.

But today, I wanted to introduce a series of research collections that are beginning to publish.   As we looked about our buying data, we were seeing patterns that revealed a set of buying basics–think of it as fundamental questions around funding, purpose, team size, functions involved, decisions makers, etc.   These are basics, but they are anything but.   The first note in the series was led by Derry Finkeldey, who has been the driving force behind these collections.  We started by looking at things across all of our respondents—all categories of purchase.  Since then, we’ve been publishing category specific views for security purchases, cloud technology, business applications, and analytics and bi.  This search will display the current list and any new ones (for clients).  There are more planned for other categories, for industries, and even for objectives (e.g. what do enterprises that make purchases to improve the customer experience do).

The second in the collection looks at how buyers are engaging with providers.  This is only available for the overall view at this time, but the others are coming.  You can learn what programs buyers care about, how they engage with the winning provider vs others, and what may be less effective (Buyers aren’t big fans of paid workshops–in particular or paid POCs –to a lesser extent.  Yes we can talk about getting “skin in the game” but just the effort to make a significant buying decision is a lot of skin.   Instead of that, gauge how many of your engagement activities that accept–that is your clue.

Source: Gartner, Inc. 2022

The final part of the trilogy is about the buying activities and challenges teams face.  Again, we have one available so far, more coming.   This note points to the things you need to look for to understand and encourage progress towards a decision, and offers options for you to help buyers through the buying effort.  You can see the importance of supporting a business case, potentially going beyond financial to looking at improvement of KPIs.

Source: Gartner, Inc. 2022

These series present our deepest look at large purchase decisions ever.  The next step is to understand the differences in behavior for those that have high regret vs. others.   That will be coming in July, at the same time as our conference.

But all of this will help you further shape strategies.  Keep an eye out as this series continues to expand

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  • Shoaib says:

    This is really interesting research, goes to show how much more engaged our customers are when they are involved in deep scoping and implementation planning WITH the vendor.