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Getting Ready for Tech Growth and Innovation Conference, 2022

By Hank Barnes | May 03, 2022 | 0 Comments

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Our annual conference for the tech industry is coming up this July.  We are staying virtual this year, but are looking forward to a great event.  You can check out the agenda and register here.

For those of you that have not attended in the past, this is a bit different than other Gartner events, most of which center around one role (e.g. CIO) or function (e.g. HR).  This conference is different as it is targeted at companies that provide technology products and services to  enterprise customers.   As a result, it is appropriate for CEOs of startup and growing firms, product managers, product marketers, and general managers responsible for product portfolios.  Those are the core roles, but you can actually get value if you have any involvement in product, marketing, sales, or services strategies in the tech industry.

That may sound a bit complicated, but let me simplify this.   The focus of this conference is on understanding the tech customer and adapting strategies to work more effectively with them.    The customer is at the center of this event as we believe they need to be at the center of your business.  We’ll have sessions exploring building or refining your org to better engage with customers, dealing with external factors that shift dynamics, evolving customer and buying experiences and much more.  Throughout all, there will be connections to the technologies that can help with this AND the technologies that are having a high impact for customers.

Personally, I have three sessions.   I am honored to be our opening keynote speaker.   I’ve been teasing some  of what I will be sharing in my blog posts over the past several weeks–and will definitely be revealing some new insights that have not been shared publicly (or in research–yet).   The keynote is Called “Confronting the Customer Power Paradox.  Fundamentally, customers have more power than ever before, but many struggle to get the value they were expecting.   We will explore regret—the cost of it to the vendor community, the drivers of high regret, what no regret customers do differently, and we’ll propose steps to help you help your customers reduce regret.  The issues here are not new, but we do have some new insights that paint a more complete picture of the challenges for you and your customers.

And trust me, some of the new insights can be viewed on a personal scale from “mind blowing” to “a call for change.”   It depends on your perspective.  After studying buying in depth for the last 10 years, there were surprises even for me.    I can’t wait to share them.

Then I’ll have two additional “Ask the Expert” sessions.  Not in love with the term, as I don’t think the term expert should be thrown around willy nilly, but it is what it is.    The idea of these sessions is basically in the title–you get to ask me questions and I’ll do my best to answer them.  The first will center around advanced storytelling techniques.  We’ve been teaching one way of telling stories (Situation-Impact-Resolution) for years, but we not there is a lot of other factors that may need to be addressed by stories based on, well you know, unique situations.   Join me as we get creative.

The second session will be an opportunity to ask questions about the keynote, the new chasm, and Gartner Enterprise Technology Adoption Profiles.   We’ll be able to explore the paths to build deeper customer understanding and make it actionable for your organization.

There’s lots of other great content coming for this event.  I’m very confident it will have a high impact for your business.   We hope you can join us.

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