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What Skills Are Most Important to CIOs By Enterprise Technology Adoption Profile

By Hank Barnes | February 08, 2022 | 1 Comment

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My last few posts have explored some of the data from Gartner’s latest CIO and Top Tech Executive study, looking at the data based on the ETA profile of the organization the respondents work for.  I’ll close out (at least I think I will) the series with one more.   This time, it won’t be as pretty a chart, but just some meaty data on important skills and knowledge.   We asked the respondents to rank the top 3 skills that matter most to them and their org to achieve their goals.   The ETA story is interesting, but first the table, then the thoughts.

What jumps out for me:

  • The Agile Leaders (FID) are moving fastest with APIs and Microservices.  These folks likely have a technology lead over competitors and their priorities reflect a desire to extend it.
  • Our profiles that tend to adopt later in the life cycle are still working to get value from workflow (the category that brought me to North Carolina back in 2003), while the other profiles are largely past that.
  • Analytics, Data, and Cloud are in the “everyone is doing it stage”, but likely with different needs in terms of level of support.

This type of information is not only useful to orgs providing products in these categories, but also to the services industry–to understand where to focus your efforts based on where they skills needs are highest.

I hope this series has helped more of you gain further insight into what psychographics (whether you buy into our model or some other approach)can do to help you choose where and how to focus your efforts most effectively.

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1 Comment

  • Hank, the “business workflow automation” category has been targeted by numerous low-code and no-code solution providers.

    How does this impact your model? Do you predict that the typical CIO and their IT team members rise to the occasion, or is this yet another missed opportunity to better align IT value with savvy LoB stakeholders who already hired the skilled talent?