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5 Reasons Why IT Services and Technology Consulting Firms Should Attend the Gartner Tech Growth and Innovation Conference

By Hank Barnes | April 17, 2017 | 0 Comments


You are the final answer.   Without you, enterprises often don’t get full value from their technology investments.  You put everything together and address the last mile of solutions.   You bring your own expertise, plus knowledge of the best products and service methodologies that customers trust.    At the same time, many of your tried and true focus areas may not be growing as fast as they were in the past, and profit margins continue to be squeezed.

Does this sound like your business?  If so, now is the time to refine your strategies, explore new opportunities and options to accelerate growth and help your customers get to the next level of success. I’d highly recommend you plan to take 3 days in June (June 19-21) to focus on your business in a different environment at the Gartner Tech Growth and Innovation Conference.   This is the only conference of its kind.  One specifically designed for technology vendors, service providers, and digital business consultancies that want to explore growth strategies with Gartner—and each other.

“Gartner Tech Growth & Innovation provided ….insight from Gartner Analysts on strategy for overcoming specific challenges and…. fantastic networking opportunities with my peers to share common challenges and identify new potential solutions.” – Attendee from last year’s conference

Digital business means being a networked business, and collaborating with others in the industry to help customers and your own business to succeed is a necessity.


Here are 5 specific reasons for IT Services and Technology Consulting Firms to attend the conference:

  1. Prepare for the future exploring innovative technologies, including IOT, that need experts like you to help customers understand them and capture value.
  2. Take a deep dive into services markets to learn where the growth and profitability opportunities live, while also exploring core technology markets to identify potential new focus areas.
  3. Be inspired to drive meaningful differentiation in a crowded competitive landscape.
  4. Explore how technology innovations are changing the way services businesses are run, offering new opportunities for operational improvements.
  5. Network with others in the industry to expand your participation in ecosystems that add value for you and your customers.

The event will include plenty of opportunities for networking in addition to the great content focused on technology growth opportunities (today and in the future), improving operations, and optimizing customer engagement.  Here is just a sample of sessions (the full agenda is available on the event Web site) that might be of interest:

  • Finding Growth and Profitability in the Ever-Changing IT Services Market
  • To the Point: Winning the War for Talent in the Digital Business Era
  • Use Gartner’s Information Valuation Model to Drive More Business
  • To the Point: Opportunities In Blockchain — Separating Myth And Reality
  • Capitalizing on the Digital Business Opportunity
  • The Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2017 — The Intelligent Digital Mesh

You can learn more ideas on planning your schedule in this earlier post from me.

Running a service business is hard.  Differentiating your business is even harder.  If you are a business unit leader or part of the management team responsible for aspects of your division’s, or your company’s, go-to-market strategy, then you know that change is constant.   Spend a few days with us, focused not on the daily grind, but on your strategies and plans.  I’m confident you’ll discover tips, ideas, and new relationships that help accelerate your success.  Register yourself and your team at the site or talk to your Gartner account manager (note: you do not have to be a client to attend) for assistance.

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