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Dreamforce 2013: Empowering Technology

By Guy Creese | November 19, 2013 | 3 Comments

I attended Marc Benioff’s keynote at Dreamforce this morning, and what struck me was the vibe — it wasn’t about technology per se (although plenty of that was demonstrated), but rather about empowerment via technology. The first 45 minutes of Benioff’s talk was about philanthropy and leveraging technology to help others. The Prime Minister of Haiti and Sean Penn talked about the plight of Haiti and how Salesforce technology has helped the country track funding for the earthquake recovery and ensure it’s used wisely.

After that presentation — and a round of “The Power of Love” by Huey Lewis and the News — Benioff went on to talk about “The Internet of Customers” and Salesforce 1. Salesforce 1 is a reworking of Salesforce’s many platforms to create a much more mobile-friendly development platform. At the moment, Salesforce 1 is new, and it’s difficult to understand its strengths and weaknesses. However, I saw several demos of it yesterday, and it’s clear that partners and customers have quickly used it to build user-friendly and powerful apps. Salesforce 1 also allows admins to administer the system via a smartphone (rather than a desktop PC).

In short, Salesforce is adjusting to the consumerization of IT. Trust me, the geeks are still here — the kiosk selling books on how to write to the new Salesforce 1 APIs had a long line of people. But Salesforce is also making room for business analysts to tweak this and build that via point and click. This acknowledgement that the point of technology is to empower, rather than be the center of attention, is heartening to see. Not all IT vendors understand this.

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  • Jurij says:

    According to the latest trends, soon all business activities will be done using smartphones and tablets, and all the data will be stored in cloud data storage.

  • Guy Creese says:

    Oops. I misspelled Marc Benioff’s name. It’s Marc with a “c,” not with a “k.” John Taschek of Salesforce gently pointed that out to me at lunch today. I’ve now corrected the blog post.

    I’m rabid about spelling things correctly, as people in my group well know. (I’m the Agenda Manager for the CCS practice, and so responsible for the quality of our reports. During peer review I ruthlessly correct spelling errors. I’ve even been called a “grammar Nazi” by the head of our Editing department.) So I thought it was a scream when John pointed out my error — turnabout is fair play.

  • Marc is an evangelist.His beard gives him a Jesus like look.His passion is infectious.SALES FORCE 1 platform empowers you to deliver the ultimate experience to your customer and delights him to brand your products like never before.This will serve as a great engine of innovation and its power will compound into an unbelievable paradigm.This is the brave new world of APPS.MARC HAS DEVELOPED THE ULTIMATE ECO SYSTEM ,WHICH HIS ONE TIME MENTOR STEVE JOBS HAD ADMONISHED.

    My vision is that it would empower the the poor to integrate into the mainstream of life and become the consciousness of progress ,and prosperity.

    Marc is redefining marketing.