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My One-on-One Questions for Monday

By Guy Creese | October 21, 2012 | 0 Comments

I’m currently in Orlando, FL, getting ready to participate in Gartner Symposium/ITxpo. I’ll be running a workshop and a roundtable, as well as giving a presentation on a concept called, “Content Value Optimization.”

These three events are the public side of my participation. But at a conference like Symposium, Gartner analysts spend more time talking one-on-one with clients than they do on stage. So I thought it would be interesting to list the questions that I’m going to be answering in informal half-hour dialogues with end-user clients on Monday. (Gartner calls them “One-on-Ones.”) By the way, I’ve scrubbed the questions of any indication of who is asking them, so they aren’t verbatim, but you get the idea. Items clients want to discuss are:

  • Using SharePoint as a collaboration tool; suggested roadmap
  • Microsoft’s direction/strategy for SharePoint
  • Information architecture (this one’s a bit vague)
  • Pros and cons of using SharePoint as a document management system and social collaboration tool
  • SharePoint (this falls into the “broad” category)
  • Mobile (again, pretty broad)

However, once you start talking with the client, the questions get very specific very fast. And that’s the fun part; every organization is different, and the conversations often take an unpredictable turn. The above bullet points are the starting points for our conversations; it will be interesting to see where the conversations go.

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