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I’m Cranking Out My Four Catalyst Presentations

By Guy Creese | June 20, 2012 | 0 Comments

Although Gartner’s Catalyst Conference isn’t until August 20th, our presentations are due to Editing within the next several weeks. So I’m putting the finishing touches on mine. I’ll be giving four: two on my own, and two in concert with Bill Pray. The four are:

  1. How to Pick the Right Mobile File Sync Solution: This answers a question I get asked a lot: “What else can we use besides Dropbox to sync files to our mobile devices?” It draws on a report I wrote in May: “Mobile File Synchronization Evaluation Criteria.”
  2. The SaaS State of the Union and What Needs to Be Done: Basically, what are the current limitations of SaaS and what can an enterprise do about them? (The short answer is fix what you can, and live with the rest. SaaS still has a ways to go.)
  3. When SaaS Collaboration Works… and When It Breaks: Bill and I have collected quite a treasure trove of client comments along the lines of, “Gee, we thought this would work when we bought our SaaS solution — now it turns out we’re wrong.” We figured we might as well get up on stage and pass along some of those “Oops!” moments — as well as note what SaaS does well.
  4. Evaluating SaaS Collaboration Solutions: And the Winner Is…: Again, another question we get asked a lot: “Given that Google, IBM, and Microsoft all have cloud collaboration solutions, which one should we buy?” Bill and I will walk through the pluses and minuses of these three solutions.

At this point, I’m correcting the presentations based on the feedback I got during the dry runs. (In a dry run we give the presentation to our fellow analysts and have them critique it: half an hour giving the presentation, and an hour hearing comments. Although having your presentation criticized is not my idea of a high time, the comments always make it better.) I’m also writing the speaker notes. This final clean up always takes longer than I think it will. I started out this week figuring I could get all four done in two days. I’m now at the end of day three and have done only two. Oh, well. Enough for the diversion of writing a blog post — back to the grindstone.

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