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Gartner IT1 Reports on E-Mail

by Guy Creese  |  February 24, 2011

For those looking the high points of our recent e-mail coverage, look no farther. The e-mail market is currently a fascinating one. For many years, enterprises supporting e-mail did so on autopilot: (1) buy e-mail server software from one of the top two or three vendors, (2) install it, and (3) maintain it. There were […]

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Ken Olsen, DEC, and the Empowerment Cycle

by Guy Creese  |  February 9, 2011

Ken Olsen, the founder of Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), died on Sunday. For those not old enough to remember, DEC was a powerhouse in its heyday. In the late 1980s, it topped out at 120,000 employees and $14 billion in annual revenue, second only to IBM. However, in the 1990s it began to lose its […]

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