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User Experience Comparison: Microsoft RDP8 + RemoteFX

By Gunnar Berger | February 01, 2013 | 2 Comments

I can’t believe its been over 3 months since my last blog. I’ve been busy working away on protocol papers comparing the user experience of RDP8, PCoIP, and ICA/HDX. I wrote one paper for each vendor and a fourth paper doing a side by side comparison of them. To write these papers I had to ask the vendors questions that aren’t asked very often (and therefore there wasn’t a lot of documentation around them). It surprised me how much of the information I wanted to know wasn’t easily available for all of these protocols. While these papers have yet to post on (should be up there shortly), I thought it’d be fun to give a sneak peak of some of the testing I did. 

For today’s blog I give you some WAN testing on Windows Server 2012 RDS running RDP8 (RemoteFX) from a Windows 8 client. Since a lot of the information is for Gartner clients only, I shot a video doing simple user experience comparison tests while the connect ran over an Apposite WAN emulator which simulated how RDP8 handles different WAN scenarios:

What I cover in the RDP8 paper goes into much more depth than this, as my paper dives into the feature set of RDP8/RemoteFX and while the user experience is extremely important, specific feature differences is where organizations may have to draw the line between vendor selection.

No summary or analysis in this blog readers, sorry, there’s plenty of that in the paper. Consider this blog a shameless plug (or tease). I plan on doing a video for each vendor running similar tests, so stay tuned for that.

-Gunnar @gunnarwb

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  • Thanks for the video and all the useful information. Actually I have a lower bandwidth network here due to network infrastructure and observing a similar behavior.

    Did you have a chance to test RDP8 with GPU cards at the server. I am seeing some improvement with Kepler Quadro K5000 cards, and will try to quantify with your wan emulator like environment.

    What is your view on this? can we expect more improvement with Nvidia Grid K1 cards?


  • Sharad says:

    Nice video……
    All things were in favor of RDP8 and remoteFX…
    I just wanted to ask if there is a area where RDP8 + remoteFX is lagging.