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Tune into the Cloud – Ho Ho Ho

By Gregor Petri | December 23, 2018 | 2 Comments

Cloud Computing

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And we are back (in this blog that is).  December is the time to look back and forth, and after posting the last original Tune in 2016 and a greatest hits eBook in 2017 there now seems to be again enough news and change to once again pick up the pace and follow the rhythm. However, not in the page long blog post that were “so 2016”, but rather in short samples, remixes and reality checks.

So what are these changes I plan to tune in to during 2019? First a number of long ignored (or accepted) concerns regarding lock in and concentration risks. As the cloud proliferates the idea of clouds becoming “too big too fail” (in the sense that they may bring down the entire system in their fall) is becoming more top of mind with different constituencies and decision makers. Other tunes will pipe into bundling and unbundling as a market(ing) force for enterprise scenario’s, and the role of the cloud as conduit for a next wave of disruptive developments (such as the impact of video on music clouds).

Meanwhile feel free to enjoy this festive season video playlist


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