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And… We are Back!

By Gregor Petri | January 06, 2015 | 0 Comments

Cloud Computing

Slide16For decades media outlets have been using “And … We are Back!” to resume regular broadcasting after “a short message from our sponsor”.

A funny thing in this context is that some of the emerging media streams and podcasts covering the emerging world of cloud computing reverted straight back to the original form of such sponsorship messages, namely with the host of the show personally reading the sponsors message “on air”.

In the case of this blog the message from our sponsor (a.k.a. my employer)  is safely tugged away behind the paywall on And although I did – with help from our PR team – maintain my regular Dutch column in print and did some other press work, it is fair to say my blogging in English took a bit a back seat during second half 2014.

However, no time like the present to pave the way to the future with good intentions.  Resolution one for 2015 being to transpose the current backlog of Dutch “Tune into the Cloud” columns into this and associated venues.

First new episode :
Tune into the Cloud: Dock of the Bay on Containers
Hope you enjoy the show.

Earlier episodes:
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