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The spring of 2013 is off to a cool start

By Gregor Petri | April 30, 2013 | 1 Comment

Even though today’s crowning ceremony in Amsterdam enjoyed some modest sunshine, the temperatures across Europe are at an all time low. A more reliable indication that spring has started, are the annual Cool Vendor reports being published.

For the first time this series includes a note dedicated to cloud activity in Europe. The “Cool Vendors in the European Cloud Computing Market, 2013” note describes four European vendor making a difference in the local and global cloud market. The report also points to several other European cool vendors featured in other notes. Such as in the “Cool Vendors in Cloud Services Brokerage Enablers, 2013“,  “Cool Vendors in Cloud Services Brokerages, 2013” and  “Cool Vendors in Cloud Management, 2013“.

One of the featured cool vendors is directly involved in the Amsterdam crowning ceremony by hosting the social crowd control app that gives the many visitors real-time insight into movements and current volumes of people at the different venues. A nice example of a nexus application that gathers social information from mobile devices, performs real-time analysis of that big data type information in the cloud and makes it available again to the crowd via a mobile app.


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1 Comment

  • Ben says:

    I’ve heard about the social crowd control apps, but I wonder if we can literally ‘force’ the agent on consumer devices to agree on sharing their location. That would be the only way it can work properly. I suppose consumers would receive the benefit of sharing their information by way obtaining new flashes, emergencies, etc.