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It’s time to take Digital to the Core

By Graham Waller | October 04, 2015 | 4 Comments

In March 2013 I met with Mark Raskino during at a break at Gartner’s CIO Forum in California to muse a new book concept. The idea was to combine and deepen our research on how technology trends will cause every industry to be digitally remastered, along with the leadership skills needed win in such a marketplace. Today we are again together at the sold-out Gartner Symposium 2015 conference filled with a sense of anticipation as the book (Digital to the Core) conceived 2.5 years ago will be launched.

Since that day in 2013 digital business trends have intensified. Platform based ride sharing models have outstripped the number of traditional yellow cab taxi rides in New York. The first FAA approved drone has delivered medical supplies to rural medical facility in West Virginia. French tennis equipment company Babolat has successfully petitioned the International Tennis Federation to create the 31st rule of tennis – allowing a digital racquet in match play. And even in an industry like tobacco it is anticipated that e-cigarettes will outsell ‘combustible’ cigarettes by 2023. Digital is penetrating rapidly to the core, to the heart of products and services and every industry is indeed being digitally remastered.

In this highly disruptive marketplace context the leadership skills that have anchored past success will often not be the ones needed to win in digital business. In fact they can be impediments to your success! We look forward to sharing at Tuesday’s session the six leadership personas common to successful executives who are already taking ‘digital to the core’. Plus there will be the opportunity to hear first-hand from GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt during Mark Raskino’s mastermind interview. May your leadership skills help you take digital to the core of your business. It’s time.
Carpe diem, Graham

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  • David Epstein says:

    Great post. Just like the Internet of Things is shaping the world of devices, companies will need to go digital or perish as their more nimble digital competitors eat their markets.

    Regards … David Epstein

  • This world-changing technology wave will only benefit those who navigate pre-existing environments. Greenfield, VC backed, “frothy-valuation” success doesn’t behave the same as rejuvenation of incumbents’ core. Bi-modal IT is a start but business, not IT, is in the lead. Great topic aligned with research here

  • Graham Waller says:

    David, You nailed the situation in your comment. The good news is companies can take digital to the core, but only if they have the right digitally aware and capable leadership.
    Great to hear from you, Graham

  • Graham Waller says:

    I fully agree with you perspective on business (not just IT) bimodal. Thanks for the comment.