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What’s after Web 2.0 (hint: it’s not Web 3.0)?

By Gene Phifer | October 27, 2008 | 1 Comment

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I just had an inquiry with a client who wanted to discuss Web 3.0.  In discussing his questions, I learned that he had equated Web 3.0 to the semantic Web.

Gartner has made it clear that we don’t think there will be a ‘Web 3.0’, at least not any time soon.  Web 2.0 was a sea change, enough so to warrant a ‘2.0’ label.  We don’t see a similar sea change on the horizon, at least not enough to warrant the ‘3.0’ label.  Instead, we will see more evolutionary changes, so Web 2.1, Web 2.2, etc. will be the logical next set of numbers (if you like numbering schemes).

However, we do see lots of innovation.  In addition to the semantic Web, cloud computing and the mobile Web are leading areas of innovation in and around the Web.  But there are others.

What are your candidates for leading areas of Web innovation that are on the horizon?

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1 Comment

  • Eric Knipp says:

    Gene, I think mobility is really where things are going now – in terms of user experience anyway. I recently got my first “smart phone” – a G1 running Google’s Android – and a big reason was that I can get all of the Web 2.0 goodness that I love, in the palm of my hand. I don’t really know much about the mobile space, but from what I can tell there are only a few devices that provide a full HTML experience. Developers must learn to deal with the different wrinkles in the rendering implementations just like we had to do with Mozilla, IE, and other browsers .. doing this in the context of massively scalable clouds will be Web 2.x, IMHO.