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The quest for a new helmet and website capabilities.

By Gene Alvarez | February 19, 2014 | 0 Comments

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My son took up skiing this year, which is great, but now I needed a new helmet since he was now using mine. We’ll my helmet is a XXL which turns out to be a hard size to find. So after trying a skis shop I thought that the web is the easier way to fine this rare item. Little did I know that it would take me on the road to research and site evaluations.

My first attempt was to Google a local skis shop chain and hit their site’s helmet section. Once there I found I could look for helmets by brand and price but not by sizes in stock. That left me with going helmet by helmet only to find none and abandon the site.

Next I tried the “ski helmet” Google search and that took me to a few sites. One site’s helmet link took me to bike helmets mixed with ski helmets. So I had to wade through sorting helmet types and look a teach one to see if they had my size. Another site had a link for helmets and goggles that served me up helmets and goggles so it was the same as the other site and I could still not look by size and in stock.

So back to Google, this time I tried “XXL Ski helmets” and found a site that promised to have helmets in L-XXL only to find that they didn’t have any on the site in XXL.

On my last site this site was like the others no search by size availability, only by brand and price but I managed to find a helmets in my size with a stock availability of 2 and a warning to buy quickly. So I selected my color and size and hit the add to cart button. Thinking my adventure was getting to a close. I then went to my cart to checkout only to find that the helmet was not in the cart. I tried adding it to the cart again and then a third time and then a forth (Please sell me this helmet – Pretty Please) we’ll no success. Now I went to Amazon and put in “XXL Ski Helmet” the look a head type came up with “XXL Ski Helmet in sports & outdoors” and “XXL Ski Helmet men in sports & outdoors”. Once on the helmet page I had options such as selecting by color, brand, helmet size, customer reviews, international shipping, condition, price, discount and seller. Well let just say that Amazon impressed me by making my search easy enough that next time I would just start there. That is how organizations get on the road to customer loyalty.

Now after reading this are you wondering about your organizations web experience? Are you wondering if their are people like me that want to buy something for personal or business reasons that can’t get to products and services your organization sells? Because if you aren’t then you should be, because bad site experiences never get the customer relationship started and you can lose them to those who provide a better online experience.

Ever have an adventure like this? If so tell us about it.

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