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Gary Olliffe
Research Director
1 year at Gartner
21 years IT Industry

Gary Olliffe is a Research Director in the Application Platform Strategies (APS) team in Gartner for Technical Professionals (GTP). He covers a range of technical topics, including application architecture, service-oriented architecture, application modernization and business process management. Read Full Bio

What a Microservice Is Not

by Gary Olliffe  |  January 31, 2017

The wave of hype and excitement about microservices continues unabated.  And where there is hype and excitement marketing teams will follow.  Sometimes they get it spot on – especially where their audience is technologists that already understand the terminology. But sometimes they miss the mark and create confusion. In the case of microservices we are […]

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QCon Takeaways: Microservices, Docker and IoT

by Gary Olliffe  |  March 25, 2015

It seems to be conference season, and after attending my first event of the year I thought I’d share a few thoughts and a brief look ahead. A couple of weeks ago I had the privilege to attend QCon London and I hope to be attending a couple of other events over the next couple of months.  I also have […]

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Microservices : Building Services with the Guts on the Outside

by Gary Olliffe  |  January 30, 2015

If you’re an application architect it’s unlikely that you have missed the emergence of the latest buzzword in our armoury : Microservices.   And, if you missed it before you’ve found it now. Whether or not you are familiar with microservices, I want to introduce you to what I think is an important clarification of microservice […]

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Heartbleed hit your APIs too…Manage those dependencies!

by Gary Olliffe  |  April 16, 2014

With all the media coverage of Heartbleed over the last few days it occurred to me that there has not been nearly enough coverage given to the impact of Heartbleed on web APIs, both from the perspective of a consumer and provider. When it comes to Heartbleed’s impact on and web API’s I have to […]

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Is “Software” development going out of fashion?

by Gary Olliffe  |  January 30, 2014

Recently, I was discussing the naming of the application delivery track for our Gartner Catalyst 2014 conference and bouncing ideas around with colleagues.  Some of the suggested names included the term “software development” while others used “application development” and “app dev”. My gut reaction was that “software development” sounded a bit “old skool”.  A phrase from back […]

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