Gartner Blog Network

Gartner Blog Network FAQ

Why has Gartner launched an analyst blogging network?

We launched our first blogs in 2003 on issues such as the conflict in Iraq, the SARS outbreak and the power black out in the US. Since then, we have added more blogs on topics such as web innovation, media and themes at our events. Blogging has significantly grown in popularity since Gartner’s initial post 5 years ago, and we think the timing is right for Gartner analysts to evolve the means and style of their personal interaction with technology users and providers, business leaders, journalists and many others interested in the business of technology.

Over 200 Gartner analysts have registered on the Gartner blog network.

What guidelines do Gartner analysts follow when they write a blog?

Gartner analysts adhere to our web participation guidelines, available on the homepage of the Gartner blog network, summarized below:

1. All Gartner policies apply: Know and follow Gartner’s policies.

2. Think before you post: Use sound judgment and think about reactions to your post before you post it.

3. Respect your audience: Avoid negative personal comments or inflammatory subjects.

4. Have productive conversations: For Gartner and its associates, the primary benefits of Web participation are for others to learn about Gartner and for Gartner to learn from others.

5. Don’t “give away the farm”: Avoid posting the kind of information and advice for which clients pay Gartner.

6. Protect and enhance the value of the Gartner brand: Present Gartner in a positive light and avoid making derogatory comments about Gartner, our products, services, management, employees, or systems.

7. Protect confidential information: Protect Gartner’s and our clients’ confidential information.

8. Be personable and have fun: Web participation is about enjoying personal interactions, not delivering corporate communications.

As an employee of Gartner, the analyst must abide by all our existing policies, such as our principles of ethical conduct.

What topics do Gartner analysts blog about?

A blog written by a Gartner analyst represents the personal opinion of the author. The views and opinions they express in their blog are their own, as stated in our corporate disclaimer:

Comments or opinions expressed on this blog are those of the individual contributors only, and do not necessarily represent the views of Gartner, Inc. or its management. Readers may copy and redistribute blog postings on other blogs, or otherwise for private, non-commercial or journalistic purposes. This content may not be used for any other purposes in any other formats or media. The content on this blog is provided on an “as-is” basis. Gartner shall not be liable for any damages whatsoever arising out of the content or use of this blog.

As such, Gartner analysts have the freedom to blog about any topic.

When posting about IT-related issues, it is inevitable that contrary points of view will be debated. Gartner analysts may occasionally post an opinion to their blog about an IT subject that can be viewed as either representing or contradicting Gartner’s official position on a subject. However, it is never appropriate for an analyst to intentionally disparage or contradict published Gartner research in any forum or format, including a personal blog. That said, if a personal blog post generates controversy or confusion, the analyst may be asked to post a follow-up that clarifies the issue.

Can anyone post a comment to a Gartner analyst blog?

Yes. Our analysts welcome feedback, suggestions, debate and new ideas. In fact, we hope one of the primary benefits of our participation in social media will be for analysts to learn from others and to encourage debate. It’s inevitable that personal opinions will differ – even between analysts — but we believe all participants will benefit from the discussion.

However, common sense will be applied to comments – that is, we will not tolerate profane language, insulting behavior, personal attacks, or the like.

Are blogs another way for Gartner analysts to publish their research?

Blog posts are not Gartner research. Analysts may use blogs to solicit ideas, feedback and opinions to help them conduct research, but the formal research process has not changed. Details of our research process and methodologies can be found on Official Gartner research is only available to clients on in the form of research reports.

More details of our rigorous research process and methodologies can be found here on

Can analyst blogs be ‘quoted’ in other sources?

Blog posts can be used in other blogs or for private, non-commercial or media purposes. Blog posts cannot be used in any other format, such as advertisements, marketing materials, press releases etc in order to promote a specific vendor, product or service. This is detailed in our disclaimer and our Copyright & Quote Policy, posted on the Vendor Relations section of

How are complaints about Gartner analyst blogs handled?

Any concerns, questions or complaints regarding a blog should follow our current escalation process for issues that relate to our analysts. There is a visual guide and associated document that outlines the process. It is available on and it is open to anyone.