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Large Company CIOs Could Find Tighter Budgets for Years to Come

by French Caldwell  |  March 26, 2009

Two weeks ago I wrote about Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke’s proposals for a systemic risk authority.  Now U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geitner is presenting proposals to Congress for that authority.  Under the proposed new U.S. regulations and with increased risk oversight on large financial institutions, CIOs in large companies could face even tighter budgets. Perhaps […]

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Bernanke’s QE Bet Predicted Here — What’s Next? — QE2 of Course

by French Caldwell  |  March 20, 2009

Gartner is known more for its strategic long term predictions, and short term predictions are left to the Wall Street analysts.  But guess what, they failed to predict that the Fed would launch into quantitative easing — that is pumping money into the system. Well — in November I posted that if the Dow dropped […]

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Systemic Risk? Too Big to Fail May Mean Too Big to Exist!

by French Caldwell  |  March 11, 2009

Yesterday, in a speech before the Council of Foreign Relations, Federal Reserve Board Chairman Ben Bernanke used “systemic” or “systemically” 35 times! When talking about systemic risks he referred to risks that affect the financial system and financial markets broadly; he also used systemic to refer to institutions whose sole failure due to their size […]

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What Quantitative Easing Means to IT Managers

by French Caldwell  |  March 9, 2009

In my first blog post, “What I learned Today About the Global Financial Crisis,” I stated that we could assume we were in a deflationary period once the Dow dropped below 8000 and stayed there for two to three months.  While it’s only been a month below 8000, it’s now time for another warning.  On […]

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