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Digitopia: Be Part Of Defining Our Future #DigitalSociety

By Frank Buytendijk | June 19, 2018 | 3 Comments

Nobody can predict the future, but we are responsible for it. The decisions we make today will shape tomorrow’s digital society. But what do we want the digital society to look like, and what do we think it will look like. Moreover, are those two things the same?

Be part of an exciting project, called “Digitopia”, in which we will explore multiple scenarios of probable and desirable futures. Not to be right, but to get a better pictures of what digital challenges we are facing today.

Participating is really, really easy. Write a story, between 300 and 500 words, about what life will look like in the digital world of 2035. Far out enough to trigger your imagination, but not Star Trek yet. There are no rules, the story can be about anything.

  • Will there be more individual freedom, or will we be cogs in a much larger machine?
  • How will we contribute to society? Will technology help us to engage with others much better? Or will we use technology much more to learn and reflect? Or both?
  • Will we have deeper relationships with others? Or will society be much more transactional?
  • … or any other angle that you can think of.

Your story can be about people and their daily lifes, or about big themes such as climate change (or not), globalization (or not), urbanization (or note), etc. As long as the focus is on technology.

Go to this website, and paste your story in there. That is all:

What’s in it for you? In return for your story you get the collection of all stories submitted, to see what others are thinking. The future will be yours!

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  • Jørn Heigum says:

    Couldnt get the digitopia link to work…

  • Arjan says:

    Cool idea!