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The Future is Here. The Future is Now.

by Frank Buytendijk  |  September 28, 2017

“The future is already here — it’s just not very evenly distributed.” – William Gibson “Only in motion is the future” – Yoda “In the future, it’s all going to be different! And better! And bigger! Technology will …” <everybody else to fill in their dystopian or utopian vision> We’re getting a bit tired of […]

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A Futurist Perspective … Digital Fatigue, And Why You Shouldn’t

by Frank Buytendijk  |  September 7, 2017

Today I had an interesting conversation. About “digital fatigue”. The word digital is indeed used quite a bit, and it is easy to get tired of it. If you put “digital” in front of everything, it becomes meaningless, doesn’t it? There are two types of digital fatigue I guess. Some feel it is overhyped. Overstated. […]

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