Our Specialized Staff

Our Specialized Staff

Posted by brdziura | May 18, 2017 | News
Our Specialized Staff

Our Specialized Staff and Your Gartner Analyst One-on-One Meeting

Meet the Gartner team behind your Gartner Analyst One-on-One Meeting

Booking your Gartner Analyst One-on-One Meeting takes just a few clicks in Events Navigator, but that doesn’t mean you’re on your own. Gartner’s team of highly trained content specialists reviews every one-on-one request to be sure you’re connected with the analyst who can provide the best answer to your question. We spoke with Kym Jordan, Gartner senior research content specialist, to learn more.

How do you help attendees get more out of their Gartner Analyst One-on-One Meeting?

“There is a whole team of people who care very much about making each one-on-one as impactful and valuable as possible. If we see that an attendee has booked time with an analyst and we know that there may be another analyst with a better footing in that particular topic, we will get in touch to see if we can arrange a better fit.”

Why are Gartner Analyst One-on-One Meetings so important?

“The analysts have so much know how. If we can get you together with the right analyst, that face-to-face conversation can be invaluable.”

What’s the best thing to ask in a Gartner Analyst One-on-One Meeting?

It’s great to be prepared and have questions for the analyst but it’s just as important to frame the question for them and provide some context about the situation, your role, your objectives and challenges. The analysts can address anything from strategy, roadmaps, technology choices and organizational models so having insight about your particular situation will really help them to give you pertinent and tailored advice.”

What if I don’t have a specific question or challenge?

“Even if you don’t have a specific question, you should definitely still make time for a Gartner Analyst One-on-One Meeting. The analysts are an invaluable sounding board. Just having a conversation about a trend they’re seeing in the market may trigger a new idea or insight.”

Can I consult that same analyst again?

“If you are a Gartner client, you can schedule a follow-up call to discuss your next steps.”

What if I forget to book my Gartner Analyst One-on-One Meeting before the event?

“Come see us onsite in the Maryland Foyer. We’ll have an expert in security and risk management from our team at the one-on-one desk to help you connect with an available analyst versed in the topic you’d like to discuss.”

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