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2018 IoT Endpoint Security Assessment Services Survey

By Erik Heidt | August 30, 2018 | 0 Comments

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2018 has seen a significant uptick in Gartner clients asking for help identifying security services in support of their IoT efforts. At this time I don’t believe there is sufficient demand to make the case for a published research report, but there is sufficient demand to justify identifying service providers.

One of the challenges in the IoT security space is that partners often need domain-specific knowledge. Industrial clients for example, want to partner with someone who understands how their industrial control networks differ from corporate networks. This results in a situation where many small organizations have compelling offerings – if only their specific capabilities can be matched with the right need.

I have a crafted a single page 9-question survey to try to identify service providers.

>>>  Click here to complete the survey.  <<<

Why a single page and only 9-questions?
I am trying to make it keep it simple, quick and relevant, but I do have a few asks:

  • Do not describe work that you can not reference to prospects.
  • Do not include confidential or NDA material (i.e. named clients).
  • One response per contact will be kept.
  • Need to update your response, answer again with the same contact email address.

Will I contact you? Maybe. If the work you describe is relevant to a client or a research effort, I’ll reach out. Otherwise, I will make information available to other analysts within Gartner.


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