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On Demand | Securing IoT An Architectural and Risk-Driven Approach

by Erik T. Heidt  |  December 27, 2017

Thanks to everyone who participated the Webinar. “Securing the Internet of Things: An Architectural and Risk-Driven Approach” is now available on-demand, here is the link. Security is a top concern and significant inhibitor to Internet of Things (IoT) adoption. In this Webinar, we identified the major architectural components of IoT architecture and perform risk analysis of each. […]

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IoT Endpoint Security Standards Emerging

by Erik T. Heidt  |  December 13, 2017

Do you need security standards that can be used to evaluate or design IoT Endpoints? Answers are coming! There is an often repeated story arc that security, risk, audit and industry standards proceed through in their early development.This occurs in an organic manner responding to market forces. Once demand for guidance reaches a critical mass someone takes the […]

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