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The Hammering in My Head Won’t Stop

By Eric Knipp | November 24, 2009 | 1 Comment

Or, in this case the hammering on Best Buy’s Remix API. According to @bestbuyremix:

5.7 million API calls yesterday. The 19th to yesterday (5 days) accounts for 61% of our total so far this month.

The day before, @bestbuyremix reported 5.3 million API calls.

I spent half a day last week at the Business of APIs Conference, where I had the opportunity to meet with folks from Best Buy, Hoover’s, Etsy, CBS, the New York Times, and more who are involved in open API programs.

It is pretty clear to me that APIs are going to become an invaluable – and common – tool in the enterprise’s public Web presence toolbox. When we finally hit “critical mass” – more retailers with public WOA APIs than without – will API traffic become a new barometer for predicting Christmas shopping economic outcomes?

UPDATE – Proof that an API community must be closely measured and managed. Your key partners might need help at a critical moment, as according to @bestbuyremix:

We had to increase the API rate limit for @miloshopping because of all of their press so far today! NYT article:

Happy Turkey Day Everyone!

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1 Comment

  • Joe Zwack says:

    Hi! I’m Joe Zwack, the Community Manager for the Best Buy Remix API.

    It would be interesting to see what things are like next year. Obviously we will probably have more API calls, but in terms of where those calls are coming from and how much purchasing is being powered through that. Basically, can we show just by releasing and providing some information that a company can make more?

    Interesting stuff, to say the least.