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Struggling with How to Navigate Change? Learn from the World’s Best Communicators.

By Emmett Fitzpatrick | August 16, 2022 | 0 Comments

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If you are a corporate leader trying to figure out how to navigate change, you are not alone. Each year, we ask Chief Communications Officers to rank their top challenges, and the percentage of CCOs who listed “Addressing Employee Change Fatigue” reached a record high in 2022. Moreover, our research shows that a typical employee experiences 39 work-related changes in a given year, which makes them more likely to exert more effort simply to “keep up” with everything going on around them. This era of change fatigue has a plethora of implications when it comes to employee performance, retention, engagement, and ultimately organizational business objectives.

That’s the challenge. The good news is that we are constantly probing the marketing and communications landscape to uncover who is successfully addressing change within their organizations, and two teams – from Accenture Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and Danfoss Power Solutions, respectively – stood out as top performers in the Excellence in Change Communications category of the 2022 Gartner Communications Awards.

The 2022 Winners

Accenture, the first-place winner in this category, embarked on a 360-degree “Quote to Cash” initiative to completely transform the sales and seller experience and build a world-class Go-To-Market Machine. This program targeted transformation across policy, process, people and technology — supporting the transition from a legacy system to a new robust sales platform: Configure Price Quote (CPQ). The communications objective was to drive awareness, readiness and adoption of the CPQ Platform. Results included reducing the number of quotes requiring approval by 30%. In addition, inducing sellers to quote independently, which minimized support reliance, increased seller-created quotes by 70%. By building sellers’ knowledge and skills to enable adoption, deal velocity was reduced by at least 10%. Not only did they successfully drive awareness of the platform, but they achieved impressive business results.

Secondly, Communicators at Danfoss Power Solutions, whose entry was recognized as “Highly Commended,” faced the challenge of bringing together two large global competitors to form one company. When Danfoss Power Solutions announced its intent to purchase Eaton Hydraulics, the company knew it was vital to paint a consistent picture of the future for these teams. The team advocated for a coordinated approach between companies, with a rationale to retain and excite employees and ensure a viable business once the sale was approved. Their “Stronger Together” message led to the successful merger in August 2021 along with increased employee retention and an 81% employee engagement rate: impressive results following such a huge change for employees.

The importance of effective communication through change is only growing, so we encourage you to review our best practice research on the topic, which includes case studies, practitioner guides, frameworks, and toolkits. Moreover, no matter what changes your organization is facing, our experts welcome the opportunity to connect with you to ensure your communication efforts are getting the desired results. Who knows? Perhaps we will be featuring your entry in the 2023 Gartner Communications Awards!


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