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Get to Know Your Consumers with Gartner’s Industry Marketing Execution Key Initiative

By Emily Moquin | February 04, 2021 | 0 Comments

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Deep consumer understanding is a critical input that helps marketing leaders create relevant, resonant products and messages that are meaningfully differentiated from established and emerging competitors. Within the Industry Marketing Execution research, Gartner offers a view of consumer values, attitudes, and behaviors in specific categories providing marketing leaders with a full picture that is foundational to building effective and efficient marketing plans.

As a starting point, marketing leaders across industries seeking consumer insight can review this year’s collection of Consumer Outlooks, a Key Sector Guide for 2021 (subscription required) for a high-level perspective on what makes consumers tick in your industry and recent examples of brands tapping into relevant consumer insights. These consumer outlooks make a great jumping off point for further in-depth analyst conversations.

Gartner’s consumer research across industries digs into the most relevant topics and themes unique to each industry. The following industries are included in Gartner’s Industry Marketing Execution Key Initiative: Consumer Goods, Financial Services, Healthcare, Manufacturing & Natural Resources, Retail and Travel & Hospitality.

For an industry-specific example of the type of research included in this new Key Initiative, food and beverage marketing leaders can:

Consumer insights, and the “why” they provide, help marketers make sense of a world that seems to be changing at the speed of light. Gartner can help you uncover insights that are core to the customers you serve, meaning you can position products in the marketplace, create resonate messages, and create new products tailored to their wants and needs. Brand strategy revolves around your understanding of the consumer.

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