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Want to be more persuasive? Stop trying to get people to say “yes.”

By Ed Gabrys | April 24, 2020 | 0 Comments

Persuasion begins by understanding the issues that concern people, anticipating resistance to your solutions, creating conversations, and in co-creating outcomes. If you want to motivate people to act on your ideas, they should want to turn the first page, take the first meeting, and authorize the first payment. People are primarily persuaded by their thoughts, reasons, and ideas; not yours. The time and resources they can share with you are limited and therefore carefully protected. But if you can help them to focus their attention in ways that increases their understanding and helps to achieve business goals, you will be considered a valuable partner. The art of persuasion is not to get them to say “yes,”. It is to get them to say, “tell me more.”

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