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Information for the 2013 Managed Hosting Magic Quadrant

By Douglas Toombs | January 02, 2013 | 1 Comment

We have started confirming contacts and delivering pre-qualification surveys for this year’s Managed Hosting Magic Quadrant, with the North American edition due to be published in the spring of 2013. If you believe you may be eligible for consideration for this Magic Quadrant, please get in touch with me immediately either via my blog here, or via email at douglas -dot- toombs -at- gartner -dot- com, or my colleague Bob Gill who is helping run the pre-qualification survey process at bob -dot- gill -at- gartner -dot- com.  Our primary administrative coordinator for the process is Michele Severance (michele -dot- severance -at- gartner -dot- com), who should also be copied on all communication.

In anticipation of many of the questions that will come in about the process as it moves along – I have tried to address a few of the more common questions here:

Should my company participate?

If you are uncertain as to whether or not your company may be eligible for consideration, consider your organizations’ offerings against the following three criteria:

  1. Your organization is a service provider (not a hardware or software vendor).
  2. Your managed hosting offering largely meets the inclusion criteria in the previous iteration of this magic quadrant. You can read a reprint copy here – you will want to pay close attention to the “Market Definition/Description” and “Inclusion and Exclusion Critera” sections. Please keep in mind that inclusion criteria are not guaranteed to stay the same from one iteration of a Magic Quadrant to the next as the market evolves over time. If you met last year’s inclusion criteria, you should probably submit for consideration in this cycle.
  3. If you consider yourself a direct competitor to the companies detailed in last year’s Magic Quadrant, you should probably submit for consideration in this cycle.

Once we have confirmed a primary contact point to use, you will receive further details on the pre-qualification process. Please note that receipt of the pre-qualification survey does not – in any way – indicate that we believe your company may qualify for inclusion.

You do not need to be a Gartner client to ask to be considered for inclusion, and Gartner client status has no bearing on inclusion or evaluation. Gartner analysts will evaluate all providers that we can that are currently active in the managed hosting market, a service provider cannot ask to be excluded from the process if their service offering meets Gartner’s market definitions for managed hosting.

I am a PR professional representing a managed hosting provider, can I get a survey to fill out for my client?

No. Gartner has a strict process that governs all Magic Quadrant related communications, therefore we cannot work through 3rd party organizations on behalf of a service provider. But please have your primary contact at your client reach out to us – we can work directly with them.

How does the Magic Quadrant process work?

Gartner has published a few official methodology documents on the process – the official Gartner Methodology document, and a FAQ.

There is a lot of reading material for the Magic Quadrant process, do I really need to read it all?

Yes. Although all of us as analysts write for a living – we don’t write this much about our methodology solely for our own benefit. You will be best prepared for the process if you take advantage of all the material available to you. It is only human to skim long emails, and even more human to skim through lengthy Word documents – but for many service providers, the Magic Quadrant is viewed as a high-stakes exercise that will consume a tremendous number of hours of your time and the time of your executives. You would do your organization a disservice if you do not read every single word of every single communication that’s sent to you with regard to the Magic Quadrant. You don’t have to do so instantly, but you probably want to carefully read what you’re sent within a business day — and to take the time to mark deadlines on your calendar, add contacts to your address book, and so forth.

My colleague Lydia has posted several helpful blog posts during previous Magic Quadrant iterations – they are a good additional read (the tips about preparing for magic quadrant briefings are particularly helpful):

I am currently a Gartner client – can my Gartner account executive help us navigate through this process?

Gartner account executives do not have any special knowledge of the Magic Quadrant process, and your Gartner client relationship (if any) has no bearing on the Magic Quadrant. While some people do like to discuss the Magic Quadrant with their account executive, please note that these communications are separate; do not use this as a form of message-passing. If you want to ask a question or raise a concern, please contact the analysts directly, and please copy our admin for the Magic Quadrant. Your account executive can also help you set up a client inquiry, if need be.

What will the inclusion criteria be for this iteration of the Magic Quadrant?

Gartner does not disclose final inclusion criteria for this Magic Quadrant in advance. All providers that are being considered – including those that have requested a survey, and others that may not have – will be notified about their inclusion or non-inclusion status once the pre-qualification survey process is complete.

Ok, I completed the survey. What’s next?

Once Gartner has evaluated all of the survey responses, you will receive an email notification from our coordinator as to whether or not your company will be included in this iteration of the Magic Quadrant. If your company is included, you will receive further instructions on the next steps of the process at that time.

The Gartner Blog Network provides an opportunity for Gartner analysts to test ideas and move research forward. Because the content posted by Gartner analysts on this site does not undergo our standard editorial review, all comments or opinions expressed hereunder are those of the individual contributors and do not represent the views of Gartner, Inc. or its management.

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  • Elyse Meccio says:

    Hi Douglas & Bob,

    Hope you had a wonderful holiday season.

    I’m writing to see if my company can participate in the Gartner 2013 Managed Services Magic Quadrant.

    3t Systems ( is a Managed Services provider based out of Denver, Colorado. We have been in the IT consulting business since 1994 and introduced Managed Services several years later. 3t Systems is a pioneer in the Managed Services industry, and has placed on the MSPmentor ( Top 100 Managed Services Providers in the world.

    3t Systems has extensive experience within several verticals, specifically Finance, Construction, and Healthcare. In the early 2000s, 3t Systems created a Mortgage Managed Services Application for the Finance industry called Mortgage Cadence. 3t Systems also pioneered a Managed Services offering for the first Healthcare Information Exchange in the state of Colorado (and one of the first in the country) in 2001 and has continued to gain market share within healthcare IT.

    We would love to participate in the Gartner 2013 Magic Quadrant. Please get in touch at your convenience.