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Doug Laney
VP and Distinguished Analyst, Data & Analytics Strategy
12 years at Gartner
30 years in IT industry

Doug Laney is a research vice president and distinguished analyst with Gartner. He advises clients on data and analytics strategy, information innovation, and infonomics (measuring, managing and monetizing information as an actual corporate asset). Follow Doug on Twitter @Doug_Laney...Read Full Bio

The US Declaration of Independence…Gartner-Style

by Doug Laney  |  July 2, 2018

Ever wonder what the Declaration of Independence might look like if Gartner published it? Probably not, but the result is fun and educational.    Gartner   Declare Independence When Under Tyrannical Rule Published: 04 July 1776      ID: G00000001 Analyst(s): John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Robert R. Livingston,  Roger Sherman Successful government leaders may find […]

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Gartner Shares Findings from North Pole Inc. Data and Analytics Assessment

by Doug Laney  |  December 17, 2017

Going into the 2017 holiday season, North Pole Inc. (ticker: XMAS), the leading global distributor of presents to good girls and boys, called upon Gartner to assess and advise on its information related needs and opportunities.  STAMFORD, Conn., December 17, 2017— Over the past quarter, Gartner was given exclusive access to the operations and information systems of North […]

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Don’t Be a Data and Analytics Turkey

by Doug Laney  |  November 19, 2017

With Thanksgiving approaching this week in the U.S., last month in Canada, the following week in Australia, and even in the Netherlands this month, let’s also give thanks for the well-planned and executed data and analytics initiatives that help our organizations thrive. Unfortunately, some businesses and government departments, CIOs, CDOs, project leaders and consulting professionals […]

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Monetizing and Innovating with Information: The Art of the Possible

by Doug Laney  |  November 5, 2017

If yours is like most organizations, it’s buried in big data, much of it latent and languishing, incurring more cost than economic value. So how do you tip the scales of infonomics? Where do you start? How do you generate ideas for putting all this information to work? Understanding, evaluating, and adapting what other organizations […]

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The 9/11 “Worst Responders” and the Genesis of Infonomics

by Doug Laney  |  September 11, 2017

This week as we remember the tragedy of 9/11, we also recall the awesome heroism of the “first responders.” But many are unaware that there were some “worst responders” as well. My realization of what transpired in the days and years as a result of 9/11, catalyzed my research into the notion of information as an economic […]

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Why a Book on Infonomics?

by Doug Laney  |  August 23, 2017

With its publication less than a month away, many people who have heard about, got a sneak peak of, or pre-ordered my book, Infonomics: How to Monetize, Manage, and Measure Information for Competitive Advantage, have inquired about what compelled me to write a book about infonomics. Moreover, what kind of crazy person decides to write […]

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The Cost of Data Quality: One Night of Coding and an Energy Drink

by Doug Laney  |  August 2, 2017

In 1999, the $125 million Mars Climate Orbiter notoriously crashed due to the navigation team at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory using the metric system in calculations while their colleagues at Lockheed Martin Astronautics provided acceleration data in inches, feet and pounds. Amazingly, nearly two decades later companies still suffer similar challenges, perhaps not costing them […]

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From Moneyball to Grand Slam Information-Based Business Models

by Doug Laney  |  July 24, 2017

In 2003, Michael Lewis published the best-seller, Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game, featuring the nouveau analytics-based approach to evaluating baseball players developed by the Oakland Athletics‘ general manager, Billy Beane. In general the approach dispensed with hindsight-oriented metrics such as batting averages, strikeouts and walks, in developing predictive metrics that could anticipate a […]

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Courts Restricting You Access to Your Own Data

by Doug Laney  |  February 23, 2017

In a recent UK case, the England and Wales High Court court ruled that the use of a vendor’s API to access and extract the customer’s own data constituted a use of, not just the API, but also the vendor’s underlying application. As a result, the customer is required to have a separate application license for […]

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Enterprise Information Management (EIM) Maturity Q&A

by Doug Laney  |  February 23, 2017

During my February 22, 2017 webinar The Gartner Enterprise Information Management Maturity Model (replay available), attendees asked a number of excellent questions. Not able to answer them all during the session, I promised to address them in my blog. We’re just starting on the EIM journey with a new CIO and Data & Analytics Leader. How […]

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