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New Research Coverage: Customer Experience

By Don Scheibenreif | April 01, 2019 | 0 Comments

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I am pleased to announce that earlier this year I joined Gartner’s Customer Experience research team. I will be advising IT and CX leaders on strategy at the intersection of Digital Business and Customer Experience. Previously, I worked in our Technology Innovation and CTO research team. I will continue to be part of Gartner’s leadership team guiding our Digital Business research. This role combines my 20+ years as a brand marketing practitioner with my experience working with CIOs and technologists on how Digital Business is changing every aspect of how we work and live. Needless to say, I am very excited. I’ll be focused in two main areas:

Customer Experience Strategy

First, I will help build our work on Customer Experience Strategy, working with veterans Ed Thompson and Michael Chiu  and led by our fearless leader, Jenny Sussin. Our research agenda for 2019 is detailed in this research note: CRM Strategy and Customer Experience Primer for 2019

The Customer of the Future

Second, I’ll be primarily focused on evolving Gartner’s  Customer of the Future work and how that will impact CX strategy. The Customer of the Future involves:customer-centric business models, generational differences in customer behavior, the impact of emerging technologies, and even customers that aren’t human. It is a rich topic touched by a number of us at Gartner. Future stuff is cool, but the real value comes in how clients can take action today to prepare.

I am excited about returning to my customer roots and exploring the future of customer experience. Feel free to share any thoughts or ideas you might have!




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