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From Digital Transformation to ContinuousNext

By Don Scheibenreif | January 17, 2019 | 2 Comments

Symposium Opening Keynote


Hi there – it has been awhile since I have posted to this blog. As much as I wanted to, other things always seemed to get in the way. You know how it is.

One of my big projects over the last two years has been co-leading the development of Gartner’s Symposium ITXPO Opening Keynote. Think of it as Gartner’s “State of the Union” address for CIOs and IT professionals. It sets our research agenda for the coming year and it’s kind of a big deal. In 2017, we produced “Creating Digital Value at Scale”  to help our clients speed through the Digital Business’  impending trough of disillusionment  to create increased value up, across, and outside their organizations.

In 2018, we followed up with our newest thinking: From Digital Transformation to ContinuousNext

What is ContinuousNext? So glad you asked.

ContinuousNext is Gartner’s new position on the capabilities all organizations need to keep up with continuous change driven by technology.  ContinuousNext is a formula for success in a world that is constantly changing…through and beyond digital transformation.

We believe that if organizations pursue the right strategy and rapidly adapt to what’s next (because let’s face it,  there is ALWAYS something next) you will be ready to deal with sustained and rapid change. Building momentum through and beyond Digital Transformation.  One can argue we are already in the middle of sustained and rapid change. But what can CIOs do?

CIOs can prepare their organizations by focusing on five imperatives:

  • Augmented intelligence, the next step beyond Artificial Intelligence, where humans and machines work side-by-side
  • Privacy, and trust, which has become a new source of power
  • Changing Culture in small, but powerful ways using what we call Culture Hacks
  • Adopting Digital Product Management as a discipline to help you serve customers better and shift mindsets from projects to products.
  • Last an exciting new type of digital twin that goes beyond physical equipment to what we call  the Digital Twin of an Organization.
 You can read  more about ContinuousNext in this research note, or you can watch the replay from our Barcelona event on Gartner’s YouTube channel.
Expect to hear more about ContinuousNext in 2019 from many research areas around Gartner, and me, for that matter.

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