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CIOs: Build a Great Relationship With Marketing to Drive Digital Leadership

By Don Scheibenreif | November 07, 2014 | 0 Comments

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When I joined Gartner four years ago, very few analysts were writing about the relationship between marketing and IT. As a former marketer and now having worked with CIOs and IT leaders,  I can tell you I missed opportunities to do my marketing job more effectively because I didn’t have the right relationship with IT. Since then, I have been part of a small group of Gartner analysts that study this relationship, one we think is critical if enterprises  want to be successful in their digital business and digital  transformation initiatives.

My colleagues Heather Colella, Andy Rowsell-Jones, Kimberly Collins, and I created  a series of five documents based on Heather and Andy’s ground-breaking Gartner Executive Programs report “Unlocking the Power of a Great Marketing-IT Relationship.”  We took the core principles that made a great IT-Marketing relationship and built on their work with additional content and best practices based on our collective experience presenting the original 2012 report and interactions with clients from all industries. The reports are:

CIOs: Unlock the Power of a Great Marketing-IT Relationship”  This note provides an overview of the series references our past research notes on this topic.

“Best Practices for CIOs: Finding the Power to Build  a Great CIO-CMO Relationship”  -Focusing on business outcomes that can be amplified with a partnershop

“Best Practices for CIOs Mobilizing the Potential of a Great CMO-CIO Relationship” – Setting the foundation for a sustainable relationship

“Best Practices for CIOs: Making a Strong  CMO-CIO Last” A collection of ideas and best practices for a relationship that permeates the IT and Marketing organizations

“Toolkit: CIOs: How to Organize a Workshop to Strengthen the IT-Marketing Relationship and Drive Digital Leadership” This workshop toolkit enables CIOs and IT leaders to facilitate their own discussion on the IT-Marketing relationship in their enterprise and ideas to take the relationship to the next level. It is based on a workshop Kim Collins and I have delivered many times at Gartner events and proves to be a sell-out every time.

If you are a CIO or IT leader that works with Marketing, we encourage you to review these documents and call any one of us. Heather, Andy, Kim and I can all tell you that it will take some work to build that relationship,  but once you have a roadmap and are making progress, it will be a source of strength for your organization.

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