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New Business Moments Published: Planes, Trucks, and Automobiles

By Don Scheibenreif | June 27, 2014 | 0 Comments

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Gartner has been doing some exciting work in the area of business moments, a concept we created to help illustrate the potential of Digital Business – the creation of new business designs from the blurring of the physical and digital worlds. Business moments are specific transient opportunities that illustrate how people, businesses and the Internet of Things interact. They represent moments of untapped opportunity and competition that can rapidly change the dynamics across industries.  They are speculative and designed to drive discussion and strategic thinking on digitalization, the process of becoming a Digital Business.

We published three cool business moment research notes last week:

Business Moment: A Mobile App Saves a Business Trip From Rainy Day Weather Delays. Hendrik Bartel takes a business trip and envisions how people, business and intelligent things could make our lives easier when things go wrong.  And, if you’re like me and fly from Chicago O’Hare aiport, you will find the scenario of particular appeal.

Business Moment: Two Scenarios of a Car Crash Highlight Digital Business Opportunities. In this note, Jorge Lopez and Jeffrey Cole take a car crash and turn it on its ear when cars, clothing, and mobile devices swing into action in a coordinated dance.

Business Moment: A Shipment Stopped at the Border Triggers Replacement Alternatives. In this note, Jorge and Jeff team up again and speculate what could happen if  a shipment of equipment stopped at the Canada – U.S. border could actually communicate with its intended destination automatically.

Also, Gartner is doing a series of guest posts on Digital Business for the Wall Street Journal’s CIO Journal. This one on business moments published today: How To Innovate with Business Moments . Be sure to check this out and other guest posts this summer from Gartner analysts.

If you have a moment, check these out and watch for even more business moment stories from Gartner in the coming weeks and months.


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