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Announcing: Cool Vendors in Consumer Goods, 2013

By Don Scheibenreif | May 17, 2013 | 0 Comments

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At Gartner, one of our favorite reports as Analysts  is the Cool Vendors report each team does every year. By definition, Cool Vendors are small vendors that offer innovative products or services. The innovation may be in how the product works or in what can be accomplished by those using the product or service. Essentially, it is our chance to pick vendors that are doing unique and cool things in a particular area of our coverage.  

This year, my colleague Dale Hagemeyer and I identified three vendors in our published report Cool Vendors in Consumer Goods, 2013.  These Cool Vendors share a set of common innovative approaches that seek to bring more value to consumer goods companies. They all  demonstrate knowledge of the consumer goods space, have embedded that knowledge into their applications, and seek to offer solutions that can drive more personalized offers and provide more insight into shopping behavior and retail execution:

  • Fifth Dimension: Leveraging 3D visualization tools and data to drive new levels of retailer and consumer goods manufacturer collaboration.
  • QThru: Innovatively engaging consumers with context-aware, personalized offers at the point of purchase in retail stores via a self-scanning mobile application
  • Quri: Using crowdsourcing to help consumer goods companies monitor in-store execution.

Even if you are unable to access our report, definitely check out the websites for these companies and see what makes their services cool.

We are always on the look out for new vendors that offer exciting technology possibilities than enable sales and marketing for our consumer goods clients. We welcome any ideas or suggestions as we scout for vendors for next year’s report and in our ongoing research.




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