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“Weighing choices (or How do you want your kitchen to look?)” by Denis Torii

By Deborah Wilson | August 31, 2020 | 0 Comments


This week was a heavy-loaded one. Lots of great conversations with clients and nice thoughts and meetings that will lead to some writing throughput. On the personal side, not much, but the same old pandemic challenges: homeschooling, home office, confinement stress. But besides the challenges, a new thing came up this week: home improvement plans. I have recently decided to get a new place to live and along with that, guess what: some fixer upper job! No, I’m not adding that to my personal resume, I still believe in the power of experience and specialization. Enough to bring a specialist to help me and my wife design something that makes more sense than simply bringing some retail furniture into the living room.

That task is going to take longer (and of course, cost more) than we had initially planned for. It will also require more work (on me and my wife’s side) than we imagined. Selecting what is the preferred color for the wall. What type of faucet do we want for my daughter’s bathroom (or what will we allow her to select given she does have such fine and expensive taste)?

Well, here I am thinking that I should be applying the same advice I give to my clients when going through an ERP selection process. I don’t mean to say a fixer upper is as complex as choosing business applications that will help your company thrive.  Far from that, and since I’m not moving into a mansion, I don’t believe it involves the same level of investment (or impact). Questions that I need to answer though are very similar:

  1. What is the objective overall?

We are moving into a new place (new technology/vendor) to have more space and live more comfortably (agility and resilience). What does comfortable (functional fitness) mean for us?

  1. What are the priorities (decision factors)?

Do we want to be prepared for changes in our future lifestyle (application and business strategy) or do we want to focus on those things that will allow us to move in faster into the new apartment (application)?

  1. Are we ready to cope with the investment and commitments come along?

Does our wish to quickly transform the place (strategies) match our willingness to do so? And are we ready to invest effort and resources in line with the execution plan?

If you replace the bold text with the words in parenthesis you will figure out how our ERP selection process basic advice is. There’s of course a whole set of other elements that are part of this thought process, including factors that you should consider when comparing the potential solution architectures and vendor choices. In a Composable ERP era, there is nothing like a recipe that will lead you to the IDEAL STANDARD.

But what is Composable ERP?????

Well, I’ll leave this for another post. If you are a Gartner client, you may be able to talk to me or my colleagues in the ERP team to explore and understand how ERP is evolving. The future of ERP is definitely more complex and less straightforward than before. And when we talk, hopefully I’ll be able to tell you how successful my migration to my new home was.

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