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“Out Of Unplanned Disruption Comes New Opportunity – A Snakehead Story” by Duy Nguyen

By Deborah Wilson | July 01, 2020 | 0 Comments


In 2002, the first snakehead fish was found in a pond in Crofton, Maryland.  By 2020, this destructive invasive species could be found all over the U.S. East Coast from the Maryland Chesapeake Bay all the way up to the state of Maine.  With no known natural predators, many states have encouraged anglers and fishermen to catch and kill with no seasonal limitation against them.

Then came the Covid-19 pandemic that forces people to stay at home with limited outdoor recreational activities permitted.  Have you visited a tackle shop or sport store lately to get your favorite fishing baits, poles, reels and essential gears like hooks and sinkers?  They are either in low quantity or completely sold out.  Apparently fishing became a lot more popular during this time.

The interest in catching or snagging Snakeheads exploded during the last three months and 10 days since most of us entered the lockdown.  You can track various social media groups where people are sharing secret fishing spots.  The demand for modified fishing kayaks and canoes exploded with prices ranging between USD $1,500 – $2,500 compared to USD $800-$1,000 a year or two ago.

Some of these secret fishing spots are located right on the main road into residential community homes.  Once the location is shared, cars started to pile up on the side of the roads as fishermen are desperately hoping to catch this elusive but highly popular fish.  Then came the no parking signs because the local residents were complaining of traffic and unsafe conditions where an angler can get hit while crossing the road.  Not a problem, now there are ride-share services that can drop off and pick up avid fishermen at these fishing spots without having to drive their own cars.

The snakehead story, an invasive fish that created a cult of followers not out of necessity but the desire to protect native species, helped the outdoor fishing businesses to thrive.  Soon the culinary world might embrace it as the next popular dish.  The art of possibility continues with one fish found in a pond.

As we are all coping with the current disruption for Covid-19, out of unplanned disruption comes new opportunity as well.  Check out our Gartner’s ERP team new notes on:


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