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“Embedding Artificial Intelligence in Your ERP Landscape” by Duy Nguyen

By Deborah Wilson | August 03, 2018 | 0 Comments

Embedding Artificial Intelligence in Your ERP Landscape

Will You Be One Day Bring Your Own AI (BYOAI) to Work?

Why not?  This idea used to be considered as Star-Trek fictional technology only. Today, most companies still think it is too early to pay attention to AI as it is not yet relevant to their current business strategy. However, software companies are pushing hard by investing in their own AI technology in order to differentiate and create new market segments for AI / ML services. No one thought cloud computing would be a dominant force 10-15 years ago. This evolution is repeating itself with AI.  The concept of AI as a new UX will become mainstream within the next 5 years.

The vision is that AI can be both a personal and a professional digital assistant. It will be equipped with the ability to access apps and data to help with work related productivity.  For example, a CFO may prefer Watson as a digital companion platform.  When they join a company and are given the proper access to corporate ERP system and financial data, they can assign a task for Watson to analyze monthly profit while working on something else. If they ever leaves the company, access is revoked, and Watson can start over with new company.  The digital assistant can also be used to access other services within a company when granted access such as HR, emails, and business applications to manage the individual’s workload. digitaldexterity

The future of work is changing drastically with employees exploring their own technology to help with their productivity.  BYOAI could potentially, if not already, spur a new market(s) of services where your AI digital assistant can be authorized to gain access to applications and data.  For example, I don’t need to know what platform a service is on, all it takes is that I pay for the service and my AI will assist me to manage it.  When I need information on an investment account, if I grant my AI authentication through either biometric or facial scanning, it should be able to assist me with my investment choices or will be able to learn.  Same with music services, food orders, shopping, order self-driving services, and eventually my company data.

Do you prefer to be a procrastinator when it comes to the adoption of AI?  You may already live with this technology if you have adopted one form or another of SaaS or PaaS.  Mega vendors like Oracle, SAP, Infor, and IBM have been working for years to develop and embed AI and ML to their Cloud solutions.  AI is well-positioned to be the new UX.

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