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Deborah R Wilson
Managing Vice President, ERP Strategy Team
12 years at Gartner
20 years IT industry

Deborah Wilson, a recovering Gartner research analyst, leads the Gartner ERP strategy research team. Read Full Bio

“The ERP Orchestra: A Beautiful Listening Experience” by Paul Saunders

by Debbie Wilson  |  June 1, 2020

As companies are looking to build the flexibility and agility into their operations that Postmodern ERP and Enterprise Business Capabilities (EBC) has talked about for years, there is an interesting dynamic taking place. Business boundaries are blurring; the distinctions between who is an ERP company, a service provider, a hyperscaler, a systems integrator is harder […]

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“How Midsize Enterprise CIOs Can Reduce Their ERP Customization” by Alexander Buschek

by Debbie Wilson  |  May 18, 2020

When I was a CIO in midsize enterprises before I joined Gartner a little more than a year ago, I had to deal with a highly customized ERP system. Users insisted on customizations that basically only prevented them from doing one more click. The vendor (I don’t tell you who it was, because the pattern […]

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“Solving all our ERP problems through solution replacement… or not” by Denis Torii

by Debbie Wilson  |  May 8, 2020

Throughout these last 4 years at Gartner, I had the opportunity to interact with a big bulk of clients that were facing a diversity of challenges with their ERP applications. Problems ranging from very painful implementations to costly and unstable ERP landscapes represent a representative volume of issues that led to those interactions. At some […]

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“Getting Back to Normal” by Paul Schenck

by Debbie Wilson  |  April 29, 2020

The shutdowns related to the pandemic have been going on for weeks now. People are anxious to get back to normal. Getting back to normal will help the economy. This concept of returning to normal to improve financial position can carry over to ERP projects. Returning to normal functionality out-of-the-box instead of highly customized processes […]

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“Crisis or Business As Usual? Conway’s Law for Today” by Tim Faith

by Debbie Wilson  |  April 6, 2020

Conway’s Law (not actually a “law” law, but one of “those” geeky laws) posits that “organizations that design systems are constrained to produce designs which are a copy of the communications structure of these organizations.” If ERP is the backbone or foundation of the Digital Business (and we think it is), then times like these […]

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Surviving the Emotional Roller Coaster of Covid

by Debbie Wilson  |  March 29, 2020

Like most people I know, I’ve been watching movies and TV shows to pass quarantine time.   A few days ago, I checked out “Ford versus Ferrari,” an inspiring movie that shows just how impactful determination and resilience can be.  Here’s a huge shout-out to George at Whisper Ridge Backcountry Resort for suggesting it. I enjoyed […]

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“The 2020 ERP Software Market: Rocky times ahead, but hopefully a temporary setback” by Chris Pang

by Debbie Wilson  |  March 23, 2020

Spring is in the air in the northern hemisphere, and for the first few months of the year we’ve been working on updating our annual ERP market share assessment. This is one of the most read and leveraged pieces of research we produce each year, so as you can imagine we get a lot of […]

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“Virtual Reality Meets the Daunting Age of Worldwide Epidemic” by Duy Nguyen

by Debbie Wilson  |  March 9, 2020

Recently I was able to acquire an Oculus Quest.  I must admit I have never been much of a fan with Virtual / Augmented Reality myself.  This perspective certainly changed now that worldwide IT conferences are being cancelled left and right with most enterprises requesting their employees to work from home. One of the coolest […]

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“Gauche, Gauche, Gauche. The Problem of Pro-CESS” by Paul Saunders

by Debbie Wilson  |  February 24, 2020

Process – noun. Middle English from Latin processus (progression, course) Etymology and Entomology are often confused. Etymology (the study of words) fascinates me. Entomology (the study of things that make you scream out loud and embarrass your family in public) does not. (For a great read that will turn you into a veritable Cliff Clavin […]

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“Valentine’s Day is here, are you in love with your ERP?” by Paul Schenck

by Debbie Wilson  |  February 14, 2020

Many people have their own unique wedding anniversary or other significant day (first date, first kiss, engagement, etc.) that is important in their relationship. It is their special day. However, there is one day shared among many couples, Valentine’s Day. People reflect on relationships, love, and feelings. Flower shops and chocolatiers and card companies reflect on […]

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