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What CIOs Need to Know About China

By Deacon D.K. Wan | April 12, 2021 | 0 Comments

CIOs whose enterprises have a business presence in China should gain more knowledge as to the market, workforces and opportunities so they can support and leverage business success in their organizations.


What CIOs Need to Know About China
Published: 31 March 2021
ID: G00745831
Analyst(s): Owen Chen , Sandy Shen , Kevin Ji , Lily Mok , Venecia Liu , Arnold Gao , Tao Wu , Deacon D.K Wan


CIOs who want learn more about China, especially those whose enterprises have a business presence in China, should understand why China is ahead of the global trend in terms of digital business, and what’s unique in China:

  • – The economy in China is highly driven by government initiatives, policies and guidance.
  • – One success factor in the past 40 years is reformation. This leads to a positive attitude toward change in China, including adoption of new technologies and business models.
  • – Another success factor is opening to the world for a long time. It accelerated development, but it also caused a high export dependency rate, and high dependency on the U.S.-China relationship.
  • – China is building its own technology stack with local technology vendors playing important roles in the Chinese market.


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