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Market Guide for Product Management and Roadmapping Tools

By Deacon D.K. Wan | December 11, 2018 | 0 Comments

Its not difficult to imagine why over 75% of product managers will rely on product management and roadmapping tools to improve planning and communication with IT and business stakeholders by 2023.


As organizations adopt a product-centric delivery model and move away from project management practices, Product management and roadmapping tools continue to emerge and simplify product-related communication and streamline development efforts.   These tools are much more effective in multilocation collaborative scenarios than alternatives such as traditional presentation software, multiparty updated spreadsheets, drawing software, cloud-based shared docs, or photos of Post-it Notes stuck on a wall.

Product management and roadmapping tools are used during daily standups and assist weekly, monthly and quarterly product reviews. They allow product managers to use up-to-date information on product feature delivery so that they can refresh their roadmaps on a regular basis.



Market Guide for Product Management and Roadmapping Tools

Published: 29 November 2018

ID: G00340584


This report describes the market for product management and roadmapping tools and profiles 16 vendors. Application leaders, many of whom lack the means to manage products effectively, should use it as a guide toward potential tool selections that align with their application strategies.


– Market Definition
– Market Description
– Market Direction
– Market Analysis
– Representative Vendors
– Market Recommendations

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