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Hype Cycle for Application Development, 2017

By Deacon D.K. Wan | September 01, 2017 | 0 Comments

Application development is experiencing a new surge of technology and development practices as organizations adopt digital business initiatives. Application leaders modernizing application development must aggressively investigate maturing technologies and proactively assess the emerging wave.


Are you prepared for the transformational and high-importance trends in 5-10 years?   and benefiting the latest trends and tools that will become mainstream in the next two to five years?


check out our full report Hype Cycle for Application Development, 2017



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* Product Roadmapping Tools

Product roadmapping tools help product managers and organizations define and prioritize work on product capabilities, features and outcomes. They record and measure product management tasks to improve collaboration with business stakeholders by ranking ideas, collecting feedback, tracking feature changes, and providing data-driven analytics to define better roadmaps. .


* Conversational UI

A high-level design model in which user and machine interactions primarily occur in the user’s spoken or written natural language.   Now capable of highly complex interactions results with AI via applications or related services on a conversational platform.

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