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2017 Strategic Roadmap for Application Strategy

by Deacon D.K. Wan  |  June 19, 2017

Sharing one of our very popular and growing questions from clients as most application leaders inherit an ineffective or nonexistent application strategy.     And many IT organizations have a culture that celebrates firefighters rather than valuing leaders who use the strategic planning process to prevent problems. Application organizations are overwhelmed by demands for tactical […]

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Reinventing Applications as Products for the Digital World

by Deacon D.K. Wan  |  June 13, 2017

Great inventions sometime came from blowing up things.   Are you reinventing your applications and projects? Reinvent and move to the product model.   Customers and employees are expecting digital experiences across a wider range of devices with orchestrated events, services and data.   Machine learning and algorithms are playing a crucial role for your business.   […]

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Mastering the Role of Products in the Digital Era

by Deacon D.K. Wan  |  June 1, 2017

What is a Product in today Digital World?  and are you getting maximum value from Digital business platforms across product lines and ecosystems? Is your product an ongoing commitment to serve customers’ needs and meet business objectives, or just to delivering a particular set of features.   How to evolve from minimum viable products (MVPs) to minimum […]

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