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Deacon D.K. Wan
Research Director
1 years at Gartner
23 years IT Industry

Deacon is the Research Director of Gartner Application Strategy and Governance. Experts in digital innovations, product management, partnership, payments,mobile & e-commerce,BD. Read Full Bio

Hire and Develop Product Managers Who Fit the 3 Stages of the Product Life Cycle

by Deacon D.K. Wan  |  September 3, 2018

By 2023, 80% of IT organizations will experience radical restructuring and mission change as they embrace the product management operating model. Product management focus, priorities, duties and talent requirements vary widely depending on the stage of the digital product life cycle. Do you know how to hire and develop the right kind of product manager […]

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Expand Your Application Strategy to Embrace Smartwatches for Multiexperience Development

by Deacon D.K. Wan  |  August 7, 2018

As we see the rapid evolutions of terminals, devices, connectivity and UI, application leaders should get away from the Web or Mobile device-centric ways of thinking about Digital experience.   Lead the organizations’ evolution toward multiexperience development practices when preparing for smartwatches, and fulfill the potential for “killer apps” with an API mediation layer as part of broader […]

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Apply Data and Analytics Skills to Make the Best Product Management Decisions

by Deacon D.K. Wan  |  July 6, 2018

    Most enterprise applications were not designed to capture data on application’s performance and user satisfaction.    The rapid evolution of digital products and customer demands make it difficult to keep up as more data from the business, technology and customer experience (CX) must be tracked.   How organizations can incorporate data and analytics […]

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Market Trends: Wrist-Worn Wearables to Boost Digital Commerce for B2C

by Deacon D.K. Wan  |  July 3, 2018

  Wearable devices sales will reach 500 million units annually by 2021. Wrist-worn wearables such as smartwatches and fitness bands will lead the revenue among the wearables category.   How do you benefit from the combinatorial impact of wrist-worn wearable attributes, digital commerce, new human-machine interface (HMI) technologies and an application strategy to foster an environment […]

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2018 Strategic Roadmap for Application Strategy

by Deacon D.K. Wan  |  June 19, 2018

  ” Are your applications ready to embark on continuous modernization and designed for agility? “ ” Do you have API to build ecosystems to connect with new partners?   “ ” How are your organizations scaling product management to deliver value-driven continuous delivery?   “ ” Ready to move funding to line-of-business to improve support for […]

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Delivering Resilience and Recoverability for Distributed Transactions Poses a Whole New Challenge

by Deacon D.K. Wan  |  May 15, 2018

Do you know how to ensure data resiliency and recoverability in today’s Multigrained Mesh App and Service Architecture? For over 40 years, traditional database engines have given transactional systems phenomenal resilience. But as digital business software embraces heterogeneous distributed transactions and microservices, application leaders need new means of ensuring data and process integrity.   Delivering Resilience […]

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Strengthen Five Key Pillars of Product Management to Scale for Digital Business Success

by Deacon D.K. Wan  |  April 26, 2018

Enterprises invest in product management, but often do not understand how to ensure these investments drive strategic impact for the business.   Many product management organizations limit their own effectiveness by not understanding the different aspects of the role and how to grow its competency.   Learn how your Product management organizations can combine business, technology and […]

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How to Staff the Product Owner Role

by Deacon D.K. Wan  |  March 26, 2018

The Product Owner is the sole person responsible for managing the Product Backlog, and maximizing the value of the product resulting from work of the Development Team.     As agile delivery methods become mainstream and more organizations move to the product delivery model, the role of product owner is becoming increasingly important — but also harder […]

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Product Management Is Key to Digital Business Success

by Deacon D.K. Wan  |  February 28, 2018

A growing number of firms are finding that establishing product management competencies is the most critical element in implementing product-line management, and its adoption is growing rapidly. Do you know how Product manager help works with the circle and orchestrate stakeholders to deliver better outcomes? See this note to learn how to find the right […]

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Product Manager Role Description for Digital Business

by Deacon D.K. Wan  |  February 21, 2018

A Product Centric operating model benefits from – Block funded budgeting – Capability aligned – Distributed decisions – Products over projects – Dedicated resources – Continuous delivery – supported by Enterprise Governance partners   But companies often struggle to staff the role of product manager, especially when it is new to the transition from projects to […]

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