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Deacon D.K. Wan
Senior Director, Analysts, Research & Advisory
2 years at Gartner
24 years IT Industry

Deacon D.K Wan is the Senior Director, Analyst at Gartner Applications and Product Leadership. Experts in digital innovations, product management, partnership, payments,mobile & e-commerce,BD. Read Full Bio

Reinvent the Way You Identify Your Next Product Manager

by Deacon D.K. Wan  |  September 1, 2019

Top-performing digital businesses are implementing product management practices and product-centric delivery models. These leading organizations are looking hard at different ways to identify and recruit Product Managers as there are not enough expertise with product-centric experience.   Reinvent the Way You Identify Your Next Product Manager Published: 21 August 2019 ID: G00448222 Analyst(s): Deacon D.K […]

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A Day in the Life of a Digital Product Manager

by Deacon D.K. Wan  |  August 5, 2019

How can leading IT organizations reap the full rewards of the product-centric IT operating model?   Lets see how Product Managers can help orchestrate the change with business stakeholders to innovate with digital product management practices and maximize the business values   A Day in the Life of a Digital Product Manager Published: 31 July 2019 […]

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Hype Cycle for Project and Portfolio Management, 2019

by Deacon D.K. Wan  |  July 31, 2019

Program and Portfolio management leaders are experiencing a new surge of technology and development practices as organizations adopt digital business initiatives.   Digital business is maturing and driving the need for continued transformation, innovation and delivery.   These dynamics continue to challenge program and portfolio management (PPM) leaders to assure their relevancy  as they partner with other […]

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Prepare Now for the Future of Digital Product Management

by Deacon D.K. Wan  |  May 3, 2019

  Many IT organizations will be tasked to progress from managing IT to delivering business insights and improved business outcomes in the future. Digital Product management will be crucial to future success and require more people with advanced skills in areas such as advanced analytics, Internet of Things (IoT), event-driven paradigms, data- and API-based platform business […]

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How Application Leaders Use Storytelling to Win Support for Digital Business

by Deacon D.K. Wan  |  April 25, 2019

Are you feeling hard to find the support from business stakeholders to bring application and product portfolios into the digital era? We spoke to industry leaders and learn how they adopt storytelling skills to positively demonstrate shared values and vision, collaborate more effectively by connecting problems to solutions, overcoming mindset challenges, and demonstrating product value.  […]

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Fuel Digital Business With Product Management

by Deacon D.K. Wan  |  March 7, 2019

“Now that all businesses are digital businesses, all enterprises should plan and begin to execute this transition to more agile product delivery teams, if they have not already begun to do so,” says Deacon D.K. Wan, Senior Director Analyst at Gartner.   “By 2020, three-quarters of digital business leaders will have pivoted from project to […]

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Toolkit: Product Manager Competencies Self-Assessment

by Deacon D.K. Wan  |  February 12, 2019

Do you know the different competencies of successful Product Managers? – Business Acumen and Enterprise Knowledge – Building Relationships – Influencing, Collaborating With, and Leading yOthers – Outside-In, Customer-Driven, Design Thinking, Perspective – Strategic Planning and Thinking – Outcome-Driven Orientation – Communication – Technical Knowledge and Proficiency   Based on the research “Product Manager Role Description […]

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Essential Considerations When Identifying People to Excel in a Growing Product Management Function

by Deacon D.K. Wan  |  January 29, 2019

  Do you know how to define the area of focus of Product Management?     And how to equip your product management practice for sustained success. Successful product management requires people with a diverse set of competencies and from varied backgrounds. Technology product managers at companies establishing such capabilities must identify people who can adapt to […]

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Accelerate Product Management Roadmap Development by Adopting the Right Planning Tools

by Deacon D.K. Wan  |  January 21, 2019

Over 75% of product managers will rely on product management and roadmapping tools to improve planning and communication with IT and business stakeholders by 2023.   Learn how to reduce time-to-market, support continuous development and product improvement.       Accelerate Product Management Roadmap Development by Adopting the Right Planning Tools Published: 18 January 2019 ID: G00375119 […]

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Applications 2024: How Application Leaders Should Prepare Their Organizations to Remain Relevant and Highly Effective

by Deacon D.K. Wan  |  January 14, 2019

Digital transformation brings great potentials ( and huge impacts ) to the future of the Application leaders and their organization. Lets look at the most important things for application leaders going forward and prepare their organization with an effective approach, new skills, and future proof values.   Applications 2024: How Application Leaders Should Prepare Their […]

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