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Private PaaS, General Page Fault and Colonel Panic: which doesn’t belong?

By David M. Smith | September 06, 2011 | 2 Comments


OK, Trick question. I know it’s kernel panic and by that reasoning, it should be the odd man out. But I will make a case for Private PaaS as the others are always used to mean something real. Private PaaS, not so much.

Yes, that sound you hear is my head exploding. Private PaaS. Take all the wonderful confusion and FUD around PaaS … and add to that the incredible clarity (not) of Private Cloud. So excuse this compound rant as I point to previous related rants.  I ranted about PaaS in Is PaaS Passe yet (and in it I predicted the rise of Private PaaS), and I ranted about Private Cloud in Is Private Cloud the ‘Clean Coal’ of IT?  and Cloud Computing, Politics and the Lunatic Fringe.

It’s not that these concepts are invalid. The idea of Private Cloud is sound – like intranets utilizing the benefits of the Internet and hopefully avoiding the pitfalls. However, it is ill-defined and abused with users and vendors alike taking liberties. PaaS is a valid concept but the terminology and absurdities arising from its use and misuse are painful enough.

The combination is really dangerous though. Most of the use of it sounds incredibly like return of SOA. And by SOA I mean the bad SOA, not the Good SOA, whatever that is. Seriously though, if you liked SOA you’ll love Private PaaS. Because it’s really the same thing…

These things cause me to rant because they provide a license to lie and confuse even more. That’s the last thing we need in the increasingly cloudy world.

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  • John Willis says:

    Gartner, Clueless and Private PaaS: Which one doesn’t belong?

    A post like this just show how far away you are from the battle field my friend. I have been deep in the cloud battle for over 5 years and I can tell you that Private PasS is about the moset sensible thing I have seen to date….

    John Willis
    DTO Solutions
    a.k.a. @botchagalupe

  • Krish says:

    I agree John. I have been following this space closely and this post is ridiculous.