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A Disruption Disguised as a Disruption: Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, and JPMorgan Chase in Healthcare

by David Yockelson  |  January 30, 2018

Right now, CVS and Aetna are saying, “I told you so!” Later this morning, Wall Street is likely to say something similar, though in a somewhat different manner. What happened? As breathlessly reported here in the New York Times, Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, and JPMorgan Chase are teaming up to create an independent healthcare company to serve their employees (bold emphasis is […]

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When Is a Disruption Not Particularly Disruptive?

by David Yockelson  |  January 18, 2018

Last week, IBM and Maersk announced the following blockchain-oriented venture (read about it here) to help “enhance global trade.” Being a student of digital disruption and a person (OK, analyst) eager to learn of new and exciting uses for disruptive technologies like blockchain, I read the announcement. I had to stop when I read the […]

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