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Even the “Best Sales Deck Ever” Requires a Connected (Sales and Marketing) Model

by David Yockelson  |  January 26, 2017

During a client engagement in which I was reviewing the client’s sales deck – and noting that it took a particular thematic form that was a bit different from what I typically see – I was asked, “Are you familiar with Zuora?” I noted that I knew the company, but I was then told that […]

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Cloud Marketplaces: Death Knell for Resellers?

by David Yockelson  |  January 24, 2017

A few blogs ago, I posited that cloud marketplaces such as those being run by AWS, Microsoft (Azure), Google, IBM, and a few other cloud platform providers might eventually obviate the need for sellers. While the demands of enterprise technology buyers will stave that off for some time at least, we might not be able to […]

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Alexa: The First AI Fake News Victim?

by David Yockelson  |  January 13, 2017

The media were all agog last week when a toddler asked Alexa – the voice service built into her Amazon Echo for those asleep at the switch this past Christmas – to “get me a dollhouse.” Alexa allegedly complied and also somehow ordered a significant amount of cookies as well (assumedly, the child asked for […]

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