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David W. McCoy
Managing VPt
19 years at Gartner
33 years IT industry

David McCoy manages the analysts on the IT Procurement and Asset Management team. David started Gartner's BPM research and is credited with defining the market that emerged ...Read Full Bio

Process Reality Check

by David McCoy  |  March 18, 2011

I love to spot process incongruities. I was in line at a rather well-known chain, cafeteria-line-style restaurant the other day, and noticed that there was only one server for the whole mass of hungry people. The line – needless to say – was moving very slowly. A few of us looked at each other, and […]

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Gartner’s Top 10 Strategic Technologies for 2011

by David McCoy  |  October 19, 2010

This just out… here’s the press release. And here are the Top 10, directly from the public press release. The detailed content is being released as part of US Symposium in Orlando. Cloud Computing Mobile Applications and Media Tablets Social Communications and Collaboration Video Next Generation Analytics Social Analytics Context-Aware Computing Storage Class Memory Ubiquitous […]

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Evolution of a Process: 1962 to 2010

by David McCoy  |  October 12, 2010

Consider how we have purchased fuel for our automobiles: 1962 – WE KNOW YOU! – “Hi, Tom! How’s Mary? And the kids? Great! Howsabout we check the oil again, Stevie… I want you to make sure Tom’s new Chevy is in tip-top condition. Yeah, that’s right. Wipe the stick with a clean rag each time. […]

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BPM Intent: Visibility or Control?

by David McCoy  |  September 29, 2010

Here’s a simple question, and don’t wuss out and respond with “Both, of course!”  Is your interest in BPM primarily for visibility or is it for control? Visibility – Show me how things work, what I’m doing, how long it’s taking, where it might need help. Be my eyes. Control – Automate me, guide me, […]

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Process Improvement: A Permanent Career

by David McCoy  |  September 26, 2010

I spent all Saturday night in the ER, dealing with “an issue” with my arm. During that ordeal – as I waited to be triaged, admitted, examined, billed, etc – I came to a blindingly brilliant conclusion: Just like a career in the ER, Process Improvement is a permanent career! I can spend the rest […]

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Tacit Knowledge and Michael Polanyi

by David McCoy  |  September 22, 2010

If you like to geek out your friends with your intense knowledge of unstructured processes, then you won’t be complete until you pick up a copy of Michael Polanyi’s book, “The Tacit Dimension.” First published in 1966 and reissued in 2009, the book is a hard – perhaps even vexing – read. It quickly dives […]

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Anecdotal Evidence: 16.8% of Searches are “BPM Certification”

by David McCoy  |  September 20, 2010

This is purely anecdotal evidence, but 16.8% of the searches that lead to my blog are “BPM Certification” related. In order, the searches are: BPM certification Business Process Management Certification bpm certifications (plural) best bpm certification The evidence is anecdotal because you really can’t conclude anything universal about this. If people are searching for “BPM […]

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Context-Aware Computing and Processes

by David McCoy  |  September 10, 2010

I’ve written a research note on the intersection of context and process, and it’s a compelling subject. It’s not interesting to say that context can benefit processes; that’s self-evident. Just imagine stripping context out of a process, and you can see why we take it as “a given.” What’s more interesting about the relationship is […]

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Bilski Answer is Hardly an Answer

by David McCoy  |  June 28, 2010

Process patents got a non-answer today from the U.S. Supreme Court. My attorney friends at Morris, Manning and Martin sent me their view of the ruling. [As a non-attorney, I don’t even pretend to grok all the nuances of patent law]. The MMM piece was great reading, and the most vexing thing that I saw […]

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75 Miles Per Gallon Down Blood Mountain: The Fallacy of Metrics

by David McCoy  |  June 7, 2010

Like my picture? 75.5 MPG isn’t too bad, is it? I actually hit 92 MPG, but the photo was too blurry to show. 75.5 Miles Per Gallon! I’m a HERO! Well, no… I was going down a mountain, using just enough gas to keep the engine turning. I was “riding the brake.” Going up the […]

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