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3 Tips to Improve Sales Data-driven Decision Making

by Dave Egloff  |  August 19, 2020

Many sales analytics functions are quite busy churning report after report to their sales and non-sales stakeholders.  However, despite their level of activity, many organizations still struggle with data-driven decision making. While it’s true that internal systems and corporate functions are growing more interconnected, there is a paradoxical challenge.  Reporting continues to get easier, but […]

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Sales Operations versus Revenue or Commercial Operations

by Dave Egloff  |  August 6, 2020

As William Shakespeare has written, “what’s in a name?”. His point is that names or labels are somewhat arbitrary and do not define us. Our worth and value come from far more. While I agree with this sentiment, I often find myself in a conversation discussing how many sales operations functions are being rebranded. As […]

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