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Dave Egloff
Senior Director
1 years at Gartner
20 years IT Industry

Dave Egloff is a Senior Director, Analyst in the Gartner for Sales Leaders practice. His current work focuses on key initiatives in sales strategy, sales operations and sales compensation. Read Full Bio

Sales Operations versus Revenue or Commercial Operations

by Dave Egloff  |  August 6, 2020

As William Shakespeare has written, “what’s in a name?”. His point is that names or labels are somewhat arbitrary and do not define us. Our worth and value come from far more. While I agree with this sentiment, I often find myself in a conversation discussing how many sales operations functions are being rebranded. As […]

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4-Box Alternative to Linear Account Tiering

by Dave Egloff  |  July 20, 2020

Earlier this month, I wrote about customer segmentation and tiering and highlighted how in uncertain or down markets, sales leaders essentially demote some accounts to reduce the cost of sales.  Plus, customer tiering improves sales execution.  However, before looking at sales execution, let’s contrast the linear tiering with the 4-box alternative. Contrasting Tiering Frameworks Linear […]

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Revisiting Customer Segmentation and Tiering

by Dave Egloff  |  July 7, 2020

Back in March 2019, I wrote a blog called Contrasting customer segmentation and customer tiering and said that “if a sales organization is anticipating a downturn, the sales leader can use customer tiering to reduce the cost of sales and improve efficiency.”  Since then, we certainly have faced some financial pressures and uncertainty.  In fact, […]

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Cascading Effects of Virtual Selling on Sales Operations

by Dave Egloff  |  June 24, 2020

Recently, I wrote a blog titled “3 Prerequisites to Virtual Selling Success”, which offered Chief Sales Officers three recommendations to improve sales execution while their sellers are bound by travel restrictions.  Building off of that topic, I’m shifting the focus to heads of sales operations and other stakeholders influencing sales force deployment. Heads of sales […]

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3 Prerequisites to Virtual Selling Success

by Dave Egloff  |  June 15, 2020

This global pandemic has forced many CSOs to broadly pilot virtual selling.  This may have seemed crazy pre-pandemic, but CSOs are compelled to adapt and find new ways to drive sales.  Unfortunately, early anecdotes suggest that while sellers are busy, success metrics are mixed. Where some might have previously seen virtual selling as a recovery […]

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From Sales Cost Management to Consequence Management

by Dave Egloff  |  May 26, 2020

Earlier this month, I covered the “Three Questions CSOs Should Ask Before Cost Cutting.” Since then, many CSOs are still being forced to urgently reduce the costs of sales due to the coronavirus pandemic and lingering economic uncertainties.  Most CSOs have enjoyed the growth and optimism resulting from over a decade of macro-economic expansion.  Correspondingly, […]

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Three Questions CSOs Should Ask Before Cost Cutting

by Dave Egloff  |  May 5, 2020

Beyond the obvious health issues and scares, COVID-19 has caused economic shockwaves across nearly all organizations regardless of industry or geography. Certainly, sales forecasts are down. However, it’s more than that. So much – too much – is still unknown. While some CSOs were once comfortable waiting things out, many are now feeling the need […]

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Enduring Impact of COVID-19 on Field Sales

by Dave Egloff  |  April 21, 2020

Last October, I wrote a blog called “Are Field Sales Feeling a Squeeze?” where I mentioned that field sales leaders may lose accounts to key account programs and inside sales functions. The appeal of highly-effective key account management and highly-efficient inside sales efforts have captured many CSOs’ attention and investment dollars. Gartner’s research shows that when comparing […]

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Three Ways to Get More Productivity from Idle Sellers

by Dave Egloff  |  April 6, 2020

Sales leaders are looking for more from their sellers – but more what?  Certainly, you can get more calls out of field sellers who are quarantined in their home-office, but will that lead to more revenue?  Maybe.  However, it’s not a certainty especially since many customers are distracted or contending with frozen budgets.  So, where […]

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Leading Sales Operations with Empathy During the Coronavirus Pandemic

by Dave Egloff  |  March 18, 2020

There is no other way to say it.  The feeling of normalcy has been replaced by some fear and uncertainty.  Depending on where you live and perhaps your level of risk, some fear may be a significant understatement. Undoubtedly, it feels a bit odd to be writing about sales operations right now.  However, the reality […]

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