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Two Speed IT is Capturing Everyone’s Imagination

By Dave Aron | October 31, 2013 | 1 Comment

Emerging from our early CIO Survey results, mentioned in our Symposium keynotes, and elaborated in our CIO Survey presentations at Symposia around the world, the notion of Two Speed IT seems to be capturing the mood of clients – a need to keep some things safe and steady, but be fast and reactive in other areas. This goes beyond just agile software development to two-speed organization structure, metrics, talent, partnering with startups and smaller organizations. IT connects well to run-grow-transform budgeting, and pace-layered approaches.

We will publish more on this in the January 2014 CIO Agenda report, and subsequent research throughout 2014.

I am personally looking forward to discussing Two Speed IT with clients at Barcelona Symposium shortly.

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1 Comment

  • Rob England says:

    It sounds very like my next book, which will be on SLow IT

    I’ll race you to print 🙂 Seriously, i look forward very much to what you have to say on this most important subject. Something has to give, and we have to let up, or stuff is gonna break.